Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Update 2/18/11

Today's my big day--I have my book launch event at Book Revue, and if you're local I hope you'll come. It starts at 7, but for insiders like you there's a wine & cheese reception at 6:30.

I'm so keyed up I've been awake since 4 am, so I might collapse halfway through. But let's hope adrenaline keeps me going.

A lot of reviews, interviews and other things went live this week, so I have much to share. Here goes ...

• Susan Henderson's interview with me on The Nervous Breakdown went live about five minutes ago. She's a brilliant writer and reader, and asked truly provocative questions. I hope you'll read it!

• Whoosh! Pretty spectacular review in The New York Journal of Books.

• If you're not on my mailing list, here's what you missed yesterday.

• I was interviewed by Jennifer Haupt for Psychology Today, and she asked smart, probing questions. Take a look.

• It was a real honor that I got to blog for the Penguin site this week!

• From the Girls Just Reading blog: "If you are looking for a nice light read, this novel isn't it.  If you are looking for a novel that will bring you to tears in the best way possible, this is it."  Read more.

• Nice words from a reviewer who loved the book despite that (sniff) she didn't fall in love with my darling Quinn. "Meister has constructed an exquisite book, one which shows, rather than asks, the “what if” questions in one’s life ... a beautiful look at the love between mothers and their children, healing, loss, and unconditional love." Rundpine review.

• The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog gives the book a "Highly Recommended" and does a fab job with the summary. Read it here.

• Bookworm Baby gives THE OTHER LIFE 5 stars. More here.

• I really love this heartfelt review from Boston Book Bums.

• S. Krishna's Books said, "The Other Life was an engaging read that will leave readers reflecting on their own lives."  See the review here.

• The Lost Entwife says, "I devoured this book, and "The Other Life will make a fantastic book club read and will be on my mind quite a bit in the upcoming days." Read more here.

• Holly Weiss says, "The Other Life is fascinating, original and intriguing. Exploring the complexities of mother/daughter dynamics, the book examines the consequences when that love is put to the ultimate test. If you are longing for invigorating, relevant writing over a broad emotional plane, you will love this book. Be prepared to be touched deeply." You can read the rest of her wonderful review here.

• Lots of love from my darling friend Robin Slick this week. Here's her generous blog entry.

• Speaking of brilliant friends, Susan DiPlacido posted a review so beautiful I nearly wept.

• Yesterday I got to blog for the Girlfriends Book Club and wrote a post called THE CALL or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being in Suspense.

• Nice shout-out today in Newsday with a picture of the book cover. Sweet! The visual isn't online, so if you have the paper, check out page B4.

One last thing and (gasp!) it's not about me. My pal Michael Palmer's gorgeous new thriller, A HEARTBEAT AWAY is now in stores. I know it's going to tear up the bestseller lists. Don't miss it!

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