Thursday, March 16, 2006

I. Am. Done.

I just finished my first draft of The Smart One and boy does it feel awesome! My new baby measures 390 pages long, and weighs in at 95,000 words.

My next step is to start editing, but I tend to write pretty tight, so it shouldn't be a very long process. Then I'll show it to hubby and my wonderful crit pal, both of whom will have useful comments, I'm sure. After I incorporate those, I'll send it to my agents and my editor.

But right now the question is, how shall I celebrate? Champagne? Caviar? Godiva chocolates? I'll mull it over while I dance through the house folding laundry and sprinkling Comet in the toilets.


Myfanwy Collins said...



This is the best news. I'm so happy for you!!!!

Justin said...

Congrats Ellen!!!! that's really great news. I'd celebrate with some Maine lobster of course. Then again, I'd only have to run down the road to get it.

What an inspirational blog entry today!!!

RobinSlick said...

Yay! You are AMAZING.

Caviar, champagne, and chocolate, tho' not Godiva, go Swiss or Belgian. Do it all, baby. You deserve it!

(Wtf is happening with the Daily News? Great. Now I'm hooked on reading their gossip section on line every morning. My dirty little not-so-secret secret.)

David Niall Wilson said...

Red wine, chocolate, and download American Idol on Itunes (lol).

Congratulations. I know how that feels very well, and there are few sensations better in a writing career.


SusanD said...

YAY ELLEN!!! Huge accomplishment! Celebrate with EVERYTHING!

Susan Henderson said...

That is such tremendous news and I'm going to drink a toast on your behalf. And then maybe another because I've had a very strange day.

roger said...

Well done Ellen! That's fantastic news. Hey, champagne, I think. You should drink champagne at every opportunity.

Ellen said...

You are all so supportive! Thank you!

Alas, I crashed last night and fell alseep without a single celebratory moment. Just goes to prove how stress-addicted I am. Oh well!

Stephanie said...

I think you can celebrate still...even after crashing. Now you're prepared for a raucous celebration. :) Congrats!

Patry Francis said...

Congratulations! The sculpture captures that joyous feeling perfectly. (You cracked me up with your comet sprinkling celebration. No matter what we achieve, women's lives don't really change much.)