Monday, March 13, 2006

No news is no news

Yes, that was me looking pathetic in the parking lot of the Seven-Eleven at six o'clock this morning, frantically flipping the pages of The Daily News. I had heard my book was going to get a mention today, but no dice. Disappointing? You bet. But I can't dwell on it. People have worse things happen to them all the time. Just yesterday, for instance, I heard that a woman in my town had a bad hair day. I'm thinking of sending a card.

In other media news, life imitates art as there's an headline in the current issue of People magazine that sounds like it could be straight out of my novel. Turn to page 23 of the double Oscar edition, and you'll see this:

Delighting locals, George Clooney films his next film in a small New York burg

Combine that with the gossip that the toothsome hunk is dating Desperate Housewives hottie Teri Hatcher, and you've petty much got the entire plot of "Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA." It's like the universe is writing my press release, but keeps forgetting to mention the title of my book.

Thank heavens my hair looks okay.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Damn!!! Tomorrow? I am betting for tomorrow! Sorry, Ellen. :(

Ellen said...

Waa. I dunno, Myf. Hard to say if it was postponed or scraped entirely. :(

Myfanwy Collins said...

How disappointing. Sorry, friend!

Hey, speaking of George Clooney, did you read this: I am a liberal

Don Capone said...

Maybe tomorrow!

I actually scrolled down to see the picture after reading "Yes, that was me looking pathetic in the parking lot of the Seven-Eleven at six o'clock this mornin..."

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Oh my god, what wild circumstances...and I agree , try again tomorrow!

RobinSlick said...

Nah, they probably have a different shift working the weekend. I bet it's in tomorrow's edition.

Unless Angelina decides to grace us with her ultra-sound photos.

Yeah, I can't believe the way life is imitating art here but to me, it's almost like the (god help me) planets are lining up for you in advance.

Alicia said...

Oh poop. I was looking forward to it. But I bet it will show up later! I hope so!

katrina said...

Your hair is always beautiful, Ellen.

I bet it's coming out later this week.


Susan Henderson said...

I hope they tell you when it's a go so you don't have to go to 7-Eleven every morning and scour every page of the paper.

Ellen said...

I'm so lucky to have such generous, supportive friends! Thank you!!!

fred Schoeneman said...