Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meet Johanna Edwards

One of the talented authors from the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit has just published her second book, and it looks like a pure delight. Here's the synopsis:

Danielle "Dani" Myers has become an expert at romantic breakups ever since she was hired to "facilitate" them for clients of Your Big Break, Inc. In other words, she dumps people for money. But company rule #5 (do not get personally involved) is getting harder to obey. One of her dumpees is turning out to be the kind of guy she might just want to pick up on the reboundAndnd a new client has just walked in, begging for Dani's help breaking up with The Big Jackass, who's been leading her on all this time-and now turns out to be married. It would be a routine job except for one problem: the so-called Big Jackass is married to none other than Dani's mother.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Even though the book just came out, the critics are already agreeing:

"Readers will find the themes of the novel very relatable--who hasn't experienced heartbreak or the excitement of new love? Chick-lit enthusiasts will welcome this fresh and funny addition from the author of The Next Big Thing (2005)." - Aleksandra Kostovski, American Library Association

You can buy Johanna's new book, Your Big Break at your local bookstore. To order online, visit or Barnes and Noble. To learn more about Johanna, visit her website at

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Myfanwy Collins said...

This sounds like a fun book. Great twist at the end of the excerpt.