Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Reality Chick" by Lauren Barnholdt

Whether they admit it or not, almost every writer fantasizes about having his or her book turned into movie. So I thought it would be fun to ask my fellow Girlfriends Cyber Circuit authors to cast their books. First up is the smart and talented Lauren Barnholdt, whose new Young Adult book, Reality Chick, is in stores now.

Here's the book's tagline pitch:
What happens when a totally normal college freshman gets put on a reality TV show with a bunch of not-so-normal castmates?

Doesn't that sound perfect for teens? Here's how Lauren would cast the starring roles:

"Emily VanCamp, who plays Amy on Everwood, as Ally, my main character. I think she's really pretty without being too 'Hollywood' so she'd give Ally that normal feel. Plus I really loved her on Everwood."

"Chad Michael Murray as Corey, Ally's boyfriend. Do I really need to explain this one? He's H-O-T. Although not sure what to make of his new engagement news... Hmm..."

"Nick Lachey as Drew, Ally's castmate who she starts crushing on. Okay, okay, so he's too old to play a college freshman. But I love, love, love him."

I have to admit, I feel about a hundred years old, since I haven't heard of any of these people. But I'm sure they're hugely popular, and will get my blog tons of hits from people who have never heard of me, either.

Anyway, whether you're a teen who found this blog by search engine, or a regular visitor who knows some young readers, please check out Reality Chick by Lauren Barnholdt. It's in stores now. For more information visit Lauren's website,

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katrina said...

I guess that makes me a hundred years old too, but I'd still watch it! :)