Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Update 3/19

I was so busy this week it went by in a flash.

• My middle one had a health setback but he's feeling better now, so phew. Just a little bump in the road, according to his doctor, who was thrilled with his weight gain and overall appearance, not to mention blood test results.

• Because there's never a dull moment for a mother of three, the youngest developed a rash all over, which looked like prickly heat. But according to her doctor it's most likely the aftermath of Fifth Disease. In case you don't know, this is a mild childhood illness that's usually undiagnosed until a few weeks later when the telltale rash develops. By then it's not contagious ... but when it is, it's very dangerous for pregnant women.

Fortunately, she feels fine and today, finally, the rash is fading. Not a moment too soon, as she plays two parts in the school play tonight, and is receiving a "personal best" award this afternoon.

• I didn't get a chance to dig into FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER until yesterday because I was busy with a few other things, like filling out Putnam's Author Questionnaire (a bear!) and writing a press release for a friend. But I've cleared the deck and want to get serious now.

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• Now that the weather's so splendid I'm dying to run on the beach. Going to take a ride out there today and see if the parking lot's open again ... and if the boardwalk is accessible. Oh, how I love the beach!

Have a great weekend ...

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