Friday, September 23, 2005

George Clooney is coming to New York

Actually, he's probably already here, touting the premiere of his new film, "Good Night, and Good Luck," at the New York Film Festival.

If you have happen to run into him, can you tell him it's probably not too late to give his permission to use his name in the title of my book? He can reach me through this blog. Or at ellenmeister (at) Or he can just pop in at my house, unannounced. But he should do it soon, before my husband gets home. (Hey, I'm just being a considerate wife. You know how boring it gets for the spouse when people talk shop, right?)


kitty said...

Yes, Mr. C is in town and Miss Snark is taking the weekend off, she claims, to read. Yeah. Right. ;)

Btw, I like Sub-Zero, and I was happy to find another online magazine of fiction. Do you know of any more?

Ellen said...

Hi Kitty. Thanks for stopping by! I know scads of ezines that publish fiction. One of my faves is SmokeLong Quarterly, which is devoted to flash fiction. (Full disclosure: I used to be an editor there, so I may be a wee bit biased.) At any rate, their links page is a great resource for finding more zines. Good luck, Kitty!