Sunday, September 25, 2005

Literary handbags

Check it out. There's this company that actually makes handbags from books. Pretty cool eh? I'm thinking of getting one.

Note that they can make these to order, so I'm trying to think of what might be a fun title to make a purse from. Remember Abbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book"? Might confuse the hell out of purse snatchers. Other suggestions?

See more samples at Rebound Designs


Myfanwy Collins said...

Cool! Are you getting one?

Katie said...

Those are NEAT!

katrina said...

Oh, how wild!!

Why not have one made from your book, Ellen????

Ellen said...

Hi Myf, Katie and Kat! Aren't these great? Kat, I love the idea of making one from my book, though I think it might cross the egomaniac line for me to actually use it. :)

My mom in Florida, however ...

kitty said...

You must be joking! Your book as a purse would be a great ad! Maybe you could write it off on your taxes as an expense :)

RobinSlick said...

Ellen! When did you get a blog? This is great!

And so are these handbags.

I, however, am not too much of an egomaniac to turn my book into one (evidenced by my earrings and lapel pins, already so done) and must look into this immediately!

Anyway, I must link you to my blog this instant! Ha ha - you and Neil Gaiman in the same day...I actually was stupid enough to think I'd "discovered" him while on vacation. What, do I live under a rock or something?

Don't answer that.

Ellen said...

Kitty--a tax write-off! Brilliant!! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Robin, I started the blog while you were on the beach, not thinking about the internet. (Do you still have sand between your toes?)