Wednesday, September 14, 2005

George Clooney is coming to suburbia?

"So is your book really about George Clooney?"

I get asked that a lot. Good question, since the original title was "George Clooney is Coming to Applewood." (For more information on why that was nixed, click here.)

I'll take this opportunity to answer it by posting what was nearly the publisher's catalog copy for the book. (The final version was scaled back for one reason or another. When I rule the world, such things won't happen. Until then, I blog.)

So here's the skinny:

Three PTA housewives rock suburbia in this frank, funny and laser-sharp debut novel

Behind the vinyl-sided veneer of Applewood, Long Island, live three women with more humor, heartache and sexuality than one PTA can hold.

With her husband’s affection waning, Maddie Schein is hungry for recognition and wishes she could impress the PTA elite. But you can’t drive a law degree, or slip your IQ over your shoulders and tie it into a jaunty knot. Brash, lusty and rich, Ruth Moss has it all except for one thing: her husband was left brain-damaged, impotent and sexually-uninhibited from a stroke. Talented but timid, Lisa Slotnick wants nothing more than to fade into the scenery, but is thrust before the spotlight by her out-of-control, alcoholic mother.

Together, these women form the publicity committee of the North Applewood Elementary PTA. When they learn that they’re responsible for the most exciting project their town has ever seen--bringing George Clooney and a movie crew to their own backyard--each thinks it will fill a void in her life and make her an Applewood hero.

What they discover in the end is that it’s their friendship--together with a little luck, a lot of honesty, and some newfound trust--that just might help them pull off a Hollywood ending of their own.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Cannot wait to hold this book in my hot little hands!!!

katrina said...

Ditto what Myf said!

Ellen said...

Thanks Myf and Kat!

Chatty Kathy said...

What a great idea! I will also be looking for the book. But more than that, I will be waiting for the movie. And as much as I'm sure you're a nice person, I will be looking at George Clooney the entire time.

Just saw him in the pre-9/11 movie with Nicole Kidman. He is beautiful in this movie and for that reason, I can't even remember the name of the movie. I could barely remember that Nicole Kidman was in it with him.

Fred said...

Yeah. Clooney. I remember him. He smells like soup.


Ellen said...

Kathy, thanks for stopping by! And yeah, it's kind of hard to notice anything else when George Clooney is on the screen.

Fred, what else do you know about George Clooney?