Tuesday, February 21, 2006

80,000 words!

A milestone! Today I reached 80,000 words on The Smart One. This makes me HAPPY. I'm shooting for 100,000 at most, so I'm at least eight-tenths of the way there. That's four-fifths, for you mathletes.

(Hey, look at me! I can do math.)

In other publishing news, ARCs of Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA are on their way to some big name authors for possible blurbs. If some of them come through, I'll be sure to post it here once I finish screaming with joy.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned here that Applewood now has a film agent. His name is Joel Gotler, so if any of the thousands of Hollywood types who read this blog are eager to throw money my way for the movie rights, Joel is your go-to guy, baby.

Before I don sunglasses and head out for a collagen treatment, there's one more piece of news I'm sitting on. Alas I can't tell you yet because it's not quite 100% official, but it has to do with a certain brilliantly-talented mega-watt celebrity having agreed to read the audio version of the book. Stay tuned for updates.


Myfanwy Collins said...

WOW!!! So much cool stuff going on!! I'm positive this is just scratching the surface of all the good news to come.

CONGRATS on you 80K!!! OUTstanding!

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

I'm just jealous you sold the audio rights...I'm not sure we can be friends anymore!

SusanD said...

You are so cool!

Stephanie said...

This all sounds really great, Ellen!

katrina said...

Congrats, Ellen!!!

Susan Henderson said...

That's outstanding! Does the audio version come out the same time as the hardcover release? I can't wait to hear who's reading it!

Ellen said...

Thanks for all the encouragement and support, friends!

Melanie, stop by my home anytime and you'll be so impressed by how bad my housekeeping is that you'll feel sorry for me and want to be my friend again. Maybe you'll even give some Swiffer tips. ("Sweetie, it's important to replace the pads once in a while.")

Sue, I think they're shooting for a simultaneous release. (Yikes, but that sounds dirty, doesn't it?)

Ms. Lori said...

So not only are you beautiful, talented, and a successful author, you also have a film agent?!

Have mercy, Ellen Meister! I bow before your greatness even as I drool with envy.

Can't wait to find out who's doing the audio!

julie ann shapiro said...

All this is so exciting. I'm so happy for you. Soon you'll be going Hollywood and sharing the adventure. I can't wait.


RobinSlick said...


Okay, I knew most of this already but just reading it now gave me the chills again.

Hmmm...now who is the mystery audio celebrity candidate?