Friday, February 17, 2006

Beware of Ticketmaster!!!!

Sleazebags! If you order tickets online through Ticketmaster, watch your credit card bill VERY CAREFULLY. They will automatically sign you up for an "Entertainment Rewards" program and charge your credit card $9 every month. I called American Express about it and they were well aware of the scam. Apparently, they get calls about it constantly.

I called the Entertainment Rewards people and was able to figure out how to trick their voicemail into letting me through to a live person, so that I could cancel the program and request a refund, but I AM FURIOUS!!!

Naturally, I did an internet search and found out there are hundreds of stories out there like mine. How do these people get away with it without going to jail???

If you are planning on buying tickets online, DO NOT USE TICKETMASTER. Caveat emptor, my friends.


Myfanwy Collins said...

How can they get away with that??? Insanity!

katrina said...

I've used them before. I'll check my bill immediately!

Ellen said...

Myf, it's incredible! I wish someone would prosecute them. Meanwhile, I'm going to look into filing a complaint with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs. But since they were quick to agree to take the charge off my bill, it might be hard to really stir up the pot, but this simply should not be.

Kat, look for a charge from vendor called ENTERTAINMENT REWARDS. Let me know if you see it.

SusanD said...

Ticketmaster is evil, even by corporate standards. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam fought the good fight as long as they could, and paid a heavy price. The Grateful Dead worked around them by setting up their own ticket order system. I'm sure there are some other bands who try to work around them, but they're so massive and such an unchecked monopoly it's nearly impossible. I'm glad you were quick on the uptake and got your $ back though. Now if only you could the ridiculous $7.50 "handling fee" per ticket they probably charged you refunded.

More important, congrats on your arcs!

Ellen said...

Evil is RIGHT, Susan! Let's boybott them now and forever. We can shelp to the box office to buy our tickets, right?

ian said...

Some venues do not allow you to buy tickets at the box office, and force you to buy through Ticketbastards. This is anti-free trade and must be stopped. But how?

For example: check out this venue:


Ellen said...

Ian, it seems so wrong, doesn't it? Can we start a letter writing campaign? Who do we go to, the Attorney General? Let's try to find out!