Sunday, February 05, 2006

Meet Melissa Senate!

Of course, since she's already published three very popular novels (See Jane Date, The Solomon Sisters Wise Up, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?) and has more devoted fans than most writers dream of, you may already know the wonderful writing of Melissa Senate. But if you're slow on the uptake like me, consider this a happy introduction.

I'm totally jazzed to read her latest, The Breakup Club, which is told from four different points of view. Check out what critics and writers are saying:

“Senate’s prose is fresh and lively.”—Boston Globe

"Melissa Senate is definitely one of my favorite chick-lit writers. Her books are always feel-good, fast-paced and hilariously funny!" --Sarah Mlynowski, bestselling author

"One of the many gifts Senate brings to the writing table is her ability to establish equally compelling stories for four fascinating characters. That she does so with humor and insight adds to the pleasures of this novel." 4stars, RT Bookclub magazine

"I loved this novel and how it explored so many angles of heartbreak and moving on. Despite there being four characters and four viewpoints, Melissa Senate managed to give them all enough time so their stories were well-developed. Having a male character in there was also fascinating. This novel was funny, touching and down-to-earth all at once. --Rian Montgomery,

And oh, get this. Her first book, See Jane Date, has already been made into a movie, which will air next Sunday, February 12, at 6 pm on ABC Family.

The Breakup Club can, of course, be found at any bookstore. To order online, visit or For more information, check out Melissa's fun website,


Myfanwy Collins said...

Sounds like a fun book.

Ellen said...

Doesn't it? And Melissa seems like a total sweetheart.