Monday, August 28, 2006

Applewood goes Hollywood?

You know all those Girlfriends Cyber Circuit authors I blog about? Well, this week it's my turn, and the Girlfriends will be blogging about SECRET CONFESSIONS OF THE APPLEWOOD PTA. I'll try to post updated links as they come along, but here's what we have so far:

  • Martha O'Connor, author of THE BITCH POSSE

  • Julie Kenner, author of CALIFORNIA DEMON

  • Lara M. Zeises, author of ANYONE BUT YOU

  • Jennifer Lynn Barnes, author of GOLDEN

  • E. Lockhart, author of THE BOYFRIEND LIST

  • Kyra Davis, author of SEX, MURDER AND A DOUBLE LATTE

  • Joshilyn Jackson, author of BETWEEN, GEORGIA

  • Tanya Lee Stone, author of A BAD BOY CAN BE GOOD FOR A GIRL

  • Jennifer O'Connell, author of OFF THE RECORD

  • Cindy Cruciger, author of REVENGE GIFTS

  • Sara Rosett, author of MOVING IS MURDER

  • Stephanie Lehmann, author of YOU COULD DO BETTER

  • Melanie Lynne Hauser, author of CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM

  • Anne Frasier, author of PALE IMMORTAL

  • Kelly Parra, author of GRAFFITI GIRL

  • Melissa Senate, author of THE BREAKUP CLUB

  • Nichelle D. Tramble, author of THE DYING GROUND

  • Shanna Swendson, author of ONCE UPON STILETTOS

  • Karin Gillespie, author of DOLLAR DAZE

  • Shelia Curran, author of DIANA LIVELY IS FALLING DOWN

  • Megan Crane, author of EVERYONE ELSE'S GIRL

  • Meanwhile, I'm going to treat my own book to the Hollywood theme I've been doing for the others. So here goes ...

    If I had ten seconds to pitch my book to a Hollywood producer, I'd say:
    Three suburban housewives conspire to get a George Clooney movie filmed in their town.

    And here's who I'd cast:

    As Maddie, the emotionally-needy ex-lawyer, I'd cast Amanda Peet. I need someone who can do physical comedy and also be touching. Besides, she's adorable, isn't she?

    For Bruce, Maddie's chiropractor husband, I think Jeremy Piven would be a great choice. He'd be able to pull off the layers, including the coldness Maddie reacts to and the love beneath she tends to miss.

    For Dr. Jack Rose, Maddie's old college friend who tries to seduce her, I'd cast Josh Lucas, just because he looks exactly as I pictured this character.

    Ruth Moss, my brash and bosomy protag, is the hardest to cast. Bette Midler would have been perfect but, as much as I love her, she's a little long in the tooth for this character. And practically everyone else in Hollywood weighs about 87 pounds, which wouldn't work at all for Ruth. My husband thinks Megan Mullaly would be perfect. I think Virginia Madsen or Joely Fisher might be a good choice.

    Keith, Ruth's brain-damaged husband who makes inappropriate sexual remarks to every woman he sees, could be a great fun role. I'd love to see Paul Giamatti or Steve Carrell do this. Can you imagine? Either of these guys would steal the show.

    For modest and timid Lisa Slotnick, who suffers a relationship with an alcoholic mother, Laura Linney would be perfect.

    Maddie's sarcastic friend Beryl could be played by Janeane Garofalo or Rosie O'Donnell.

    And last, but most definitely not least, a certain someone who has still not called to thank me for the signed book I sent him, could do a cameo as himself.

    And now, of course, I have to give myself the same sales pitch I gave everyone else ...

    To see if these actors match your perception of the characters, visit your local bookstore today and pick up a copy of SECRET CONFESSIONS OF THE APPLEWOOD PTA. Or, use one of the links to the right (under profile) to order online.


    Myfanwy Collins said...

    EXCELLENT casting choices, Ellen!

    Susan Henderson said...

    mLove the casting! I'm smack in the middle of your book and loving it - your comedic timing is brilliant!

    Don Capone said...

    Good choices, though I'd go with Lisa Kudrow as Lisa (she's who I pictured when I read the book). Also, just to stick it to Clooney, the guy who replaced him on ER (the poor man's Clooney) could play Clooney.

    Stephanie said...

    Love your choices. Love La Madsen and La Linney.

    Ellen said...

    Myf, thanks! It was a lot of fun.

    Sue, so glad you're enjoying it!

    Don, I think Lisa would be great in ANY of the roles. And ha! A stand-in for Clooney!

    Steph, I was proud of myself for thinking of them.

    RobinSlick said...

    Ha ha - these are great! Can I do the Bette Midler role? She's my twin and 10 years older...

    (Just kidding. I can't even read in public without hyperventilating. And for sure you'd never want to hear me sing)

    How gorgeous is Amanda Peet? Because I don't really go to movies that much, I don't know her but holy shit, she is totally beautiful.

    Fred Schoeneman said...

    Well if you can't get Paul or Steve for the brain-damaged husband who makes the inappropriate sexual advantages, I think I could do that convincingly.


    1blueshi1 said...

    Hi, Ellen! I just read your interview with Joss over at Faster Than Kudzu, and I loved it! Went straight to my library's site and requested your book. Can't wait to read it.

    Ellen said...

    Robin, my hippie friend, you'd REALLY need some good acting skills to pull off playing an over-the-top Long Island princess. Ha!

    Fred, I don't doubt it for a second.

    Blueshi, thanks so much! Joshilyn gives great interview, doesn't she? Hope you enjoy the book!

    srr said...

    Hi Ellen,

    As you know, I'm listening (and only on disk one, hehe, not so sure of chapter. around 3?). But I think (visually here), JOSH LUCAS is perfect! That's exactly how I thought of Jack. Your pick for Maddie is wonderful - BUT I'm siding with your hubby on Megan for Ruth from what I know so far.

    Enjoying the audiobook tremendously. Great quality, and Lisa is fabulous!

    srr said...

    ps. great joices as Beryl; was also thinking Kathy Najimy :)

    sorry, I'll hush now. I've always enjoyed casting folks in my mind.

    Ellen said...

    Hi Shelly. Casting is fun, isn't it? I'll have to tell my husband you support his choice. :)

    Glad you're enjoying the audiobook!