Thursday, September 28, 2006

Borders event tomorrow!

If you're in or around Syosset Long Island tomorrow (Friday) at 8 pm, I hope you'll pop into the Borders on Jericho Turnpike. I'll be doing a reading and signing there. Even though I've told everyone I know about the event, I'm still nervous no one's going to show up. Most folks told me they might come, which usually means, "Leave me alone you insane, neurotic writer. I have a life, too, you know."

Anyway, if you do come, can you please laugh like crazy at all my jokes?

I'm jotting down notes now for what I'm going to talk about, trying to think of a few funny things to say. I have to do it fast, though, because I have a lot to do today. Other things on my To Do list for this sunny Thursday:

  • Clean kitchen, make beds, do laundry, etc. etc.*

  • Get in touch with my web guy about my soon-to-be launched promotions for teachers and PTA members

  • Write to my editor and agents about the cover ideas for the trade paperback version of Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA

  • Pack up all my kids' old shoes to send to the shoeless children of Afghanistan. If you can participate in this program, I hope you'll click here for more information.

  • Go to BJs Discount Club for supersized quantities of things we need.

  • Make various doctors' appointments for me and the kids.

  • Carpool, help kids with homework, cook dinner, etc. etc.

  • What's on your agenda?

    *(When I did a Google image search on "housewives" to get that picture on the right, nearly every image picture was of a naked housewife having something sucked. Can someone please tell me exactly when housewives became porn fodder? And if you're someone who found their way to this blog by Googling "naked housewife having something sucked," you can redeem yourself by clicking on one of the links to your right and buying my book. Just don't send me any pictures.)


    Myfanwy Collins said...

    I wish I could be there. You are going to wow the crowd. No doubt about it.

    Katie said...

    EVERYTHING can turn into porn on the web.

    I love to-do lists. They soothe me.

    Stephanie said...

    You know, I think I must have a child-filter turned on. I don't ever get any porn on google. And it would be just like me to choose the child-settings.

    I'm sure you'll do great at the reading!

    Anonymous said...

    Ellen, as I busily avoid my To Do List, I popped into your blog. A very funny post. Ah, porn. What would we joke about without sex and politics? -- Tavia.