Friday, January 19, 2007

A favorite blog

If you're not reading Lee Goldberg's blog, you're missing one of my favorite treats. Lee is a novelist and TV writer who blogs about publishing, television and writing in general, and is often so funny I can barely keep my Diet Coke from splattering all over my monitor. Check it out: A Writer's Life


Myfanwy Collins said...

Cool. Thanks, Ellen.

RobinSlick said...

Oh man, how did I not know about this blog? How freaking cool! Okay, someone new to read every day. Sigh...I may as well stop writing and become Robin Slick, full time blog stalker. Ha!

Seriously Ellen, how interesting. Thanks for this!

Lee Goldberg said...

If you think I'm funny, then you should read my brother Tod's blog ( his Letters to Parade stuff is particularly hilarious.

Ellen said...

Myf and Rob ... you're welcome. I do think you'll love Lee's blog.

Lee ... I'm going to subscribe to your brother's blog pronto. Thanks!