Sunday, January 21, 2007

LOVE YOU TO DEATH by Melissa Senate

I'm posting this GCC does Hollywood entry a little late partly because my schedule got completely away from me last week, and partly because when I finally did find the time to post, Blogger decided to crap out on me and not let me post photographs. That was pretty irritating. More irritating is that Blogger makes you jump through 40 hoops of guessing and clicking before they give you a link to report the bug.

But no more whining; I have a smart, fun and exciting book to blog about today. It's Love You to Death, the latest by the very popular Melissa Senate, and it's available in trade paperback and as an e-book. Here's how Melissa would pitch the story to our fictional producer:

Abby Foote’s worst ex-boyfriends (the ones who broke her heart in the worst ways) are on someone’s hit list. A very hot Portland Police Detective thinks that someone is Abby herself. Is someone framing her? Trying to do her a warped favor? With the detective on her trail, she intends to find out!

And here's how Melissa would cast it:

Abby would be played by my favorite actress, Mary Louise Parker, even though Abby is only 28. Mary Louise manages to look 28, don’t you think? I LOVE MLP. Always have, since Fried Green Tomatoes. I once might have said Katie Holmes for the part of Abby (she looks exactly like I imagine Abby to look), but now I just don’t know about her! (Not that there's anything wrong with TC!)

Detective Benjamin Orr would be played by the delicious David Boreanaz, who I think is the best looking guy on television.

Abby’s sisters: Olivia would be played by Anne Heche, who does frazzled to perfection, and Opal would be played by, of course, Paris Hilton, her idol.

You can buy Love You to Death at your favorite bookstore or from any online bookseller. For more information, visit Melissa's website at

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