Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Posing with Alice Hoffman

And lookee what she's reading. Ha!.

The other day I went to Book Revue in Huntington (the place where I had my book launch back in August) to hear Alice Hoffman read from her achingly beautiful new novel, Skylight Confessions. This picture was taken after the reading when I asked Alice Hoffman to sign her book for me. (Naturally, I gave her a signed copy of mine while I was at it.) That's my friend Carol Hoenig (author of Without Grace) on the left. Alice Hoffman is in the middle, and yours truly is on the right. The photo was taken by my friend Debbi Honoroff (writer for Long Island Woman, among many other things).

For me, the reading was a smashing success. The pages Alice Hoffman read made me weep, and when she took questions from the audience afterward I was utterly charmed by her wit and candor. So now I'm an even bigger fan than I was before. And by the way, I'm nearly finished reading Skylight Confessions and highly recommend it. It takes my breath away.


Stephanie said...

How exciting. I love her books! And I love your book!

Ellen said...

Thanks, Steph! I've read "only" 5 of her books (she's so prolific!) and have loved each one.

Myfanwy Collins said...

I love that she has your book in her hands! Perfect! What a beautiful photo of the three of you, Ellen. Glad you enjoyed the reading.

Ellen said...

Thanks, Myf. It was a memorable reading.