Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TATTOO by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I love doing these young adult "GCC does Hollywood" blog entries because I learn just how much pop culture is passing me by. (Amber Tamblyn, you say? I have no idea who that is, yet every day I get about 50 blog hits from people searching for an image of her.) Seriously, it's humbling.

Anyway, today's featured book is Tattoo, by the very talented, very popular and very young Jennifer Lynne Barnes (dig this from her bio: Jen graduated high school in 2002, and from Yale University with a degree in cognitive science in May of 2006. I think I have shoes older than she is. And this is her second book. Can you say prodigy? She's also drop dead gorgeous, but we'll leave that alone for now.)

So here's how Jen would pitch her book to our fictional movie producer:

Four teenage girls acquire supernatural powers when they put on a set of temporary tattoos they bought at the mall. The girls must use their powers--and their friendship--to take down an ancient evil hellbent on destroying the world. Think "Buffy" meets "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."

I love it! Here are her creative casting choices:

As Delia, the fashionista with the power of transmogrification (the ability to turn one object into another at will): Lucy Hale.

As Zo, the resident tomboy, who'd fight to the death despite the fact that her power of premonition doesn't exactly arm her against the bad guys: Hayden Panettiere.

As quiet Annabelle, the mind-reader who takes charge at the most unlikely moments: Willa Holland

As Bailey Morgan, the somewhat accident-prone firestarter and the heart of their group: Emma Roberts

As for the older "we're making a teen movie but want to cast hot twenty-somethings to elevate our appeal to that demographic" cast, it would go a little something like this: Delia: Sophia Bush

Zo: Kristen Bell

Annabelle: Alexis Bledel

Bailey: Shannon Lucio

This book sounds so "filmic" I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood actually snatched it up. Meanwhile, you can buy Tattoo wherever books are sold. For more information, visit Jen's website at


K Cutter said...

Who are these actors? I feel so out of touch.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes said...

Hey Ellen!

Just wanted to say thanks for doing my tour- I loved reading this one!

Also, thought I'd answer K's question:
Lucy Hale was on AMERICAN JUNIORS, which was the kid version of American Idol. She has an awesome singing voice, and she also played Kaitlin's roommate on THE OC. And speaking of Kaitlin, she's played by Willa Holland.

Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts' niece. She has her own show, "Unfabulous," on Nickelodeon, was in the movie "Aquamarine," and will be appearing next on the big screen as Nancy Drew in the upcoming movie.

Hayden Panettiere has been in a ton of stuff. Currently, she's Claire on Heroes. She also played Ally's daughter on Ally McBeal, and Kate Hudson's niece in Raising Helen.

As for the older cast, Kristen Bell plays the title character on Veronica Mars, Alexis Bledel is Rory on Gilmore Girls (and was Lena in the Traveling Pants movie), and Sophia Bush is one of the leads on One Tree Hill, and was in John Tucker Must Die.

Shannon Lucio, the least known of the older cast, did half a season on The OC as Lindsay.


In Her Own Write said...

Oh man, this is great and of course I checked out Jen's aren't kidding she's gorgeous and yeah, I have shoes older than she is, too. (You're funny, Ellen)

Okay...yet another book to add to my list.

Your blog looks great, by the way. You make a good case for switching to Beta Blogger. And I especially love how you are handling your reading recommendations on the right hand side. Now I feel compelled to do something similar...and I think Neil Gaiman does not require my help in selling his books so it's also time to update those as well.

Happy Saturday, Ellen!

(Oh...sadly, I didn't know any of the celebrities you mentioned either..thanks for filling us in, Jen)

Ellen said...

Hi Kristy. You and me both! Glad Jen stopped in to elucidate.

Jen, it was so much fun having you. Your book sounds wonderful and I hope it's a huge success. (I have the feeling it will be.)

Robin, happy Sunday. And yeah, I feel a little hestitant recommending Beta Blogger because I nearly tore my hair out getting used to it, and am still frustrated by the bugs. But now I'm happy I did it and like the freedom to monkey with the design. (Did you notice that I was able to match the background color to my website?)