Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Update 7/22/11

Here's the latest ...

• Last night I took my oldest, youngest and two other kids to see the Harry Potter movie. (The middle one saw it opening weekend with friends.) Crazy hectic day, picking one round of kids up at camp, then another, then rushing to the theater for tickets, then off to a pizza joint and then finally to the movie. I enjoyed it, and the kids, of course, were wild for it.

When it was over, Emma wept, saying it's the end of her childhood. And I guess in a way it is.

• Huge shout-out to Tony Iovino for another great Summer Gazebo Reading event! Thanks, too, to all the wonderful folks who showed up despite the crummy weather.

• Speaking of weather, my car thermometer read 109 today. Seriously. 109. Felt it, too.

• A couple of nice shout-outs from Lisa Kudrow, who was on a press junket for the hilarious and brilliant Web Therapy, which is now on Showtime. Here's the mention in Parade, and here's the NPR piece.

• You can follow Lisa on Twitter. Also fun--follow her alter ego, Dr. Fiona Wallice.

• THE OTHER LIFE is still in the running for Book of the Year from the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association. If you'd care to vote, please click here.

• Simply heartbroken over Borders ...

Stay cool, my darlings.

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