Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Update 7/8/11

I have to dash, so just a couple of quick things on this busy day ...

• Lots of excitement for my daughter this week, who was interviewed for an upcoming Newsday article on Harry Potter, and posed for a photo spread.

• Big thanks to the Phillis Cox at the Jericho Library who organized such a terrific event this week.

• Looking forward to addressing the kids at Hofstra University's High School Summer Writers Program today. Thanks to Debbi Honorof for inviting me.

• Busy busy busy working on the edits for FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER. I can't honestly say I'm one of those writers who enjoys the revision process, but my keen-eyed editor, Rachel Kahan, had great notes that sparked some exciting ideas. So I'm hard at work.

• Special shout-out to my friends enjoying Thrillerfest this week.

• Congrats to my oldest for doing such a great job on his video-editing internship interview!

• This cracked me up--The Office recut as a cheesy traditional laugh-track sitcom:

Enjoy your weekend ...

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Surajit Bhowal said...

hi honey,i see u r very busy.i would like 2 know about more video editing ur friend from fb. Warm wishes ,subhatree