Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Novel Journey interview

Today there's an interview with me on a very cool and widely-read site called Novel Journey. I'm thrilled and honored Gina Holmes asked me to participate. You can read it here.


robin said...

Great interview, Ellen. I got a knot in my stomach when I read about the big one (agent) who got away. Sounds exactly like something I would do. In fact, I'm not Jewish, but I feel guilty that happened to you. LOL. I could also relate to the thick-skinned thing. It's not like they sell them at Wal-Mart.

Your book hasn't arrived yet. :(

Ellen said...

Sorry the book hasn't arrived! Did you order from Amazon? And yeah, my screw up combined with that agent's aggression created quite a gut-knotting situation. Bleh. Thanks for reading the interview, Robin!

Anonymous said...

I did order from Amazon. I'm sure it will be here soon. Don't feel guilty! :~)

K Cutter said...

I love the varierty of ways you've found to promote your book. Great interview!

bevjackson said...

Finally ordered the book (Amazon) and it should be here soon. NOW that the house is done, I will actually have time to read it. Yay!


Ellen said...

Thanks Kristie!

Bev ... congrats on the new home! Hope you enjoy the book. :)