Monday, October 09, 2006

A plug on NBC!

My talented and articulate friend Jordan Rosenfeld Pedersen talks about some terrific books (cough cough) on this Bay Area NBC affiliate:
Click here and then click play.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Outstanding! That Jordan is amazing--as are you!

Susan Henderson said...

That's one hell of a plug! And of course, I agree with her. Same with what she says of Laila, Ann P, and Lucy G's books. This is the second time I've heard good things about Blithe Tomato. Maybe I'll stick it on my list.

Jordan, you are fabulous!

Ellen said...

Yes, Jordan is outstanding and fabulous! And the only other one of those books I read is Laila's and I agree. It was so gorgeous and universal. She's brilliant.

K Cutter said...

Way to go, Jordan!

I've ordered "Secret Confessions" and "Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits" as Christmas presents for myself. I can't wait to read them!