Sunday, October 29, 2006


I've been tagged by Lisa McMann, who says I have to list 5 interesting or unique things about me. Are you ready for this? Here's goes ...

1. Remember Son o' Sam, a.k.a. David Berserkowitz, the mass murderer who went around shooting people in the head in the late seventies? He's my cousin.
Seriously. His mama, Pearl, was my grandmother's first cousin. (Now don't go telling me you see a family resemblance--he was adopted.)

2. Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) and his wife Allison once had me at their house in London for dinner.

3. At one point in my freelance career I wrote every issue of WorldPass, Pan Am's frequent flyer newsletter. They were my favorite clients, and some of the smartest people I ever worked with. When flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, a part of each of them died. I'm pretty sure of that.

4. I was once barricaded in an office because a crazed gunman was loose in the building. When someone banged on the door we were afraid to open it, but we did. It was the SWAT team.

5. My grandfather made the original orange neon Radio City Music Hall signs.

And now ... I tag Richard Lewis!


Lisa McMann said...

holy frijoles! Tell me your uncle's name isn't Sam. (I've always wondered that.)


RobinSlick said...

Oh my god, who the hell is going to be able to top those five things?

Awesome, Ellen. You should actually go to and write this up as a piece and submit it.


Ellen said...

Lisa, yup. His dad's name was Sam.

Rob, somehow I think YOU could top those five things! (You should play!) Far as writing up a piece about my notorious cousin, I'm a little shy about putting anything on the internet that might lead him to me. (If you notice, I never actually spelled out his name in my blog.)

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I agree with RobinSlick, above. Usually, people just list sort of "ordinary unusual" things on these memes -- like weird tatoos or trips they've taken to odd places. But you have serial killers & SWAT teams!! No one's going to top that.

Lisa McMann said...

Well, if anybody can top it, it would be Richard. I bet he has some stories to tell. Heh.

Ellen said...

BSuWG... lol. The irony is that I have such a boring, ordinary life!

Lisa ... I know! He lived through the Tsunami for heaven's sake! (Though he didn't include that in his list.)

Stan said...

All of those things are the excellent stuff of stories. I'm partial to the last one! Radio City neon... damn!