Sunday, November 26, 2006

A- from Entertainment Weekly!

I got an interesting email from my cousin Max Weiss, the film critic, yesterday. She was writing to congratulate me on the Entertainment Weekly review of the Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA audiobook. This was news to me. Of course, I ran out to buy the magazine, but couldn't find the issue (it's the one with Gwen Stefani on the cover). Fortunately, Max was kind enough to read it to me over the phone. I'm thrilled to say it was an overwhelmingly positive review, earning an A- from the tough critics at EW, who give out an awful lot of Bs and Cs and even Ds. Another huge thanks to Lisa Kudrow for doing such an amazing job!

Listen to an audio sample here.

Buy the unabridged CD edition from Amazon here.

Buy the unabridged MP3-CD edition from Amazon here.

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In other weekend news, the hardcover edition of Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA got a swell review from The reviewer, Keris Stainton, called the book "funny, compelling and well-written."

Now, is it my imagination, or do my cousin Max the film critic and Keris Stainton the book critic look like they were separated at birth?


Susan said...

THAT'S THE BEST NEWS, ELLEN!!!! And I love the new color!

Ellen said...

Thanks, Sue! And though I've been cursing the buggy new Beta Blogger, it has a cool feature that lets you change colors without having to mess with complicated html codes. So I was able to match my blog to my website. :D

RobinSlick said...

Oh, this is just too cool! Congratulations!

Bah! I don't have beta blogger yet and it's still a nightmare to sign onto my blog every day...just when I think I have it figured out something else changes.

And now I can't even sign on to make a comment here as a Google Blogger. Wtf? Oh well, I'm now an "other" it would seem.

But I'm with Sue...what a pretty color!


Lara Z said...

I saw this and was so psyched! I really want to get your audiobook but I've been waiting for it to come on, where I have an account. I might have to break down and buy it elsewhere, because I seriously am dying to read this book!

Ellen said...

Robin, you will CURSE Beta and tear your hair out over it. But once you get used to it you may like some of the features. I just wish they'd get the bugs out before forcing it on us.

Lara, thanks so much! You're not the first one to ask me about, but I really don't know a thing about it. Do all audiobooks wind up there eventually? Anyway, I hope you like it! If I do say so myself, Lisa did an amazing job.

SusanD said...

Most excellent news, Ellen! Huge congrats to you, and to Lisa K. (Hey, if you get a chance, ask her when The Comeback is coming back. I'm jonesing for some Val!)

Keris said...

That's great news, Ellen - congratulations.

As for me and your cousin Max - it's the hair, and the specs, and the cheesy grins .. yeah, I see what you mean! :D

Ellen said...

Susand, alas, the Comeback won't be coming back, but it's on DVD now. I got it, and it has some hilarious bonus features. Worth the investment!!

Keris, thanks! And actually, your photo looks more like my cousin Max than her photo does. I have to get her click in and see if she agrees.

SusanD said...

I gotta get that DVD. Thanks, Ellen!