Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today I'm thrilled to be doing a GCC does Hollywood blog entry for the beautiful and talented Kyra Davis, whose critically-acclaimed new book, So Much For My Happy Ending, is in stores now.

If Kyra got an opportunity to meet with a bigshot movie producer, here's how she'd pitch the book:

So Much for My Happy Ending is about April, a young fashionista who marries the charming Tad Showers in hopes of attaining a normal family life. She soon discovers that Tad is suffering from an untreated (and initially undiagnosed) bipolar disorder. Now April must deal with her husband’s unraveling while simultaneously finding her own strength.

And here's how she'd cast it:

April could be played by Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible 3 and Crash). She has the right look (April is biracial) and she has proven that right amount of spunk to be able to pull off this tragicomic role. (Editor's note: I just saw Crash for the first time and loved this actress.)

Tad’s tougher. He could be played by Matthew McConaughey I suppose because Mathew seems like the cute boy next store so no one would be expecting him to have a major dark side.

So Much for My Happy Ending is in stores now, and available from online booksellers such as For more information, visit Kyra's website at

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Tee said...

I just googled Kyla Davis after seeing her name on the Chick Lit website. When I saw the pic of Thandie Newton I had to find out the connection. Thandie would be great in any role. Her range as an actress is unmatched. I haven't read the book yet but I will very soon.