Wednesday, May 06, 2015

"A Wild Ride"

"Dorothy Parker Drank Here is a wild ride, pairing the well-researched wit of Dorothy Parker with a contemporary story of success and failure, romance and family. Meister's brilliant interpretation of Parker's ghost in the modern world keeps the novel from ever veering into the land of cliché as she brings to life--or rather, brings to ghostliness--the spirit of one of the most famous writers of the Algonquin Round Table."
- Shelf Awareness

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Great news! I teamed up with my local independent bookstore, Book Revue, to offer signed, personalized copies of Dorothy Parker Drank Here. And they ship anywhere in the world! Just give them a call at 631-271-1442. Or use this form and someone from Book Revue will call to get your information.

Dorothy Parker Drank Here is also available from all of the usual places, and is in hardcover as well as all ereader formats.

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"Meister's Dorothy Parker is just as sharp, witty and pleasantly mean as fans would expect. Her humanity shines through, though, along with her humor ... a surprisingly emotional novel. Not even death can keep Dorothy Parker down in this sad and funny story."
-Kirkus Reviews

"[Meister] does a lovely job of imagining the voice of Dorothy Parker with equal parts wit, heartbreak, and practicality."
- Booklist

"Hilarious ... and liberally sprinkled with Parker’s signature acerbic humor."
- Publishers Weekly

"A quick, charming read that will delight Parker fans and stoke the curiosity of those unfamiliar with her great wit."
- Library Journal

"The writing is stellar, making it difficult to put the book down."
- RT Book Reviews

"Between the martinis and the bon mots, there's bite and charm in [Dorothy Parker Drank Here], which conjures the spirit of the titular literary wit."
- Closer Magazine

"It’s a great comic complement to novels like THE PARIS WIFE and LOVING FRANK, and if you’re not a fan of Parker’s or Meister’s already, you soon will be."
- Book Reporter

"This well-written story rolls right along after drawing you in at page one. Meister has a flare for the quips for which Dorothy Parker was so famous, making the reader feel as if the venerable Mrs. Parker has sprung back to life, never to leave us again."
- Dish Magazine