About Ellen

Ellen Meister is a writer, reader, teacher, mother, wife, and Dorothy Parker fan, and once had dreams of being a U.S. Olympic gold medalist. Then she fell off the couch, woke up, and started reading her book again. She has no vices, rarely eats carbs, loves dogs, recycles, and never runs red lights. She brings her own bags to the supermarket and only laughs at bumper stickers that are politically correct. She watches no television except for occasional PBS concerts and old episodes of Storage Wars. When she tosses something into the trash, it lands inside. She doesn't lick her fingers when she turns pages and she cuts her own hair. Ellen Meister is a registered voter and says "thank you" often. She presses "1" when asked if she will stay on the line to complete a short survey. When you go out to dinner with Ellen Meister, she will not take a French fry from your plate without asking. Ellen Meister knows that it's only rock and roll, but she likes it.

Ellen Meister
Also, Ellen Meister is the author of DOROTHY PARKER DRANK HERE (Putnam 2015), FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER (Putnam 2013), THE OTHER LIFE (Putnam 2011), THE SMART ONE (HarperCollins 2008) and SECRET CONFESSIONS OF THE APPLEWOOD PTA (HarperCollins 2006), as well as numerous essays and short stories. Ellen teaches creative writing at Hofstra University Continuing Education, mentors emerging authors, lectures on Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table, and does public speaking about her books and other writing-related topics. Ellen is the voice of Dorothy Parker on her hugely popular Facebook page

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