Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Update 5/27/11

Well, it's a much brighter Friday than last week, and I'm happy to explain why I was in such a pissy mood I missed my last update.

I had minor surgery on Wednesday, but it was done under general anesthesia at a  hospital, so that skews the whole experience. (I'm a morning caffeine addict and a migraine sufferer so fasting is excruciating for me. Also, I'm a total wuss with zero pain tolerance and very high anxiety about anything medical.)  Anyway, on Friday morning my doctor's office called to tell me I was pushed back on the schedule from 9 am to noon, and that just freaked me the hell out, because I had a terrible experience years ago with surgery that got delayed for hours and hours and hours, and a hospital staff that didn't give a damn how sick I got.

Happy to say the staff at North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset was just the opposite--compassionate, kind, and professional. So it' all behind me and I'm feeling fine.

And now a few updates ...

• In anticipation of my next book, FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER, I started a new Facebook page featuring great quotes from the famous wit. People are really enjoying and if you haven't "liked it" yet, I hope you'll do so now. Thanks!

 • And just this week I started a Dorothy Parker Twitter account. It's brand new and could really use some followers.

• THE OTHER LIFE got a glorious review from a blog called Rated Reads. The irony is that the site's raison d'etre is to warn people about "objectionable" material, i.e., sex and bad language. THE OTHER LIFE rated "high," which is just below "dirt." (Seriously!) And yet the book got a rave. Here's an excerpt:

"I found myself drawn into Meister’s book not just by the possibilities of “returning to the road not taken,” but by its beautiful approach to the love between a mother and daughter. Meister addresses heavy issues of grief, loss, love, and difficult decisions in parenting, and does it with aplomb. She gently puts each issue into the mix and stirs with delicacy. I was so drawn into the story and the characters that I devoured the book in two days.
The Other Life is an engaging read, one that strikes deep in the heart."

I love this! Click here to read the whole review.

• Big thanks to Newsday for featuring my Twitter page online and in the paper!

• Thanks, too, to this blogger, for spotlighting THE OTHER LIFE in her Teaser Tuesday

• The second annual BooksNJ, a fun and fabulous literary festival, is coming up on Sunday, June 12. Mark your calendar! It's going to be an awesome day.

• Long Islanders, starting on June 6, you can hear great readings every Monday night at the Summer Gazebo Reading Series at the Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside. I'll be there on July 18 with my pal Carol Hoenig. Click here for more info.

• Thrilled to discover that THE OTHER LIFE has been nominated by the New Atlantic Independent  Booksellers Association for Book of the Year! Check it out.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend ...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Update, 5/13/11

Happy Friday the 13th! I guess it was bad luck for Blogger (and me) because the whole system was down all morning and I couldn't post my update.

This week I was busy playing catch up with a million and one errands, as I had house guests last week and my schedule has been crammed. But here are a couple of fun things ...

• HUGE thanks to Katrina Denza for posting this smashing review of THE OTHER LIFE!

• So very thrilled to discover THE OTHER LIFE on Robin Kall's list of 7 Great Books for Spring! Delighted to be in such great company.

• Shout-out to Target for the temporary price cut on THE OTHER LIFE. It's a bargain hunter's alert.

There's more going on, but it'll have to wait. Blogger really messed up my schedule, and now I have to dash. Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Update 5/6/11

My folks are in from Florida, staying with us, so I'm even busier than usual. Right now, it's more about family stuff than work stuff, though I do want to crow about the audiobook version of THE OTHER LIFE, which got selected for a roundup of the best Mother's Day books from Heroes and Heartbreakers. Check it out, and you'll get to hear an audioclip, too.

That's about all I have time for today. If  you want to read about some past posts about my funny folks, check these out ...

The Morty and Helen Show

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The New Old Technology

Special shout-out to my smart, talented and always-surprising wonderkid, who got into the college of his dreams ... and got a merit scholarship!!! What a kid!

A beautiful Mother's Day to all ...