Friday, June 11, 2021

5-Star Reader Reviews of The Rooftop Party


The reader reviews are in and I am bowled over! Huge thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to leave 5-star reviews on Amazon, NetGalley, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and other sites.

Here are some highlights... 


Susan D.
êêêêê Witty and wild!
This book has everything fun! A glamorous New York setting, a witty and strong woman in charge, a heart-pounding romance, zinging one-liners, and a villain that gets murdered! How fun is that?

Kindle Customer
êêêêê  A Great Read
Meister is a master storyteller and The Rooftop Party showcases her mastery.

New England Reader
êêêêê Another fun romcom mystery by the witty Meister
Ellen Meister knows this genre. She knows how to toss a witty line and move the plot forward fast, one twist after another, keeping on the edge all the way. She also knows how to make us love her main character, Dana, who is full of flaws, but also full of heart.

Bob Zeanah 
êêêêê Ellen never fails to entertain 
I enjoyed every minute of reading this book.

Jeffrey Penn May 
êêêêê Shopping Party 
Meister masterfully hits all the right notes. I zoomed through The Rooftop Party in a few sittings. What more could you ask for?

Kathleen Hughes 
êêêêê Totally delightful! 
I want more! I love pot smoking, wine drinking Dana. I wanted to buy the entire Reluven line after Dana’s sales pitch to the Board of Directors. I want Ashlee to have her own series. I want to know whether Dana chooses acting or selling. Ellen Meister, please write faster! And for anyone reading this review, run to the nearest library or bookstore and get The Rooftop Party. 

Eileen Wells
êêêêê An Intriguing Read
Ms. Meister wrote a wonderful, emotional and heartwarming story that should not be missed.

Saralee Rosenberg
êêêêêThe Rooftop Party Takes Readers to New Heights  
I loved this fast-paced romantic mystery that is bold, fun and memorable… If you are looking for that perfect beach read, the book that goes great with a pina colada (or two), then cheers. THE ROOFTOP PARTY will bring you all the way to the top and never let you down.

êêêêê Loved
I love all this author's books. The [audiobook] narrator is really talented.


Janet P. Librarian
êêêêê This book is ridiculously enjoyable - a quick, great plot and lots of twists and turns. It was utterly readable and enjoyable and I will recommend it to friends, family and patrons alike.

Bridget E.
êêêêê The Rooftop Party is a delightfully blended rom-com with a mystery that results in a highly entertaining read.

Jeanne M.
êêêêê This is a perfect beach read and one of my favorites of the year.

Yvonne H.
êêêêê I can’t say enough how much I loved this one.  It’s a perfect beach read or a fun book to read any time of the year.  I now have a new “must read” author to add to  my list.

Rebecca B.
êêêêê This story had everything murder, drugs, family drama, relationship issues, and a boatload of other fun intrigues.

Heather D.
êêêêê GIMME MORE! GIMME MORE! I need more from Ellen Meister in this series about Dana, her hottie cop bf, and her friends. Edge of my seat, side splitting laughter, twists, turns, spins and yurns ... for more! I didn't want to put down, so I didn't!

Kimberly M.
êêêêê Thank you Ellen for always giving us a good time! This story flows and I love the characters! Here’s hoping for more Dana in our future!


êêêêê Ellen Meister can take the most unlikely scenes (like selling cosmetics to the Board of a TV Shopping Channel) and RIVET you with her energetic and brilliant writing!

*Note: Many GoodReads reviewers cross-post their reviews; I have omitted these from this section to avoid repeats.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Interview Roundup: THE ROOFTOP PARTY

 There were no in-person events for THE ROOFTOP PARTY, but I did a few live online interviews, and am happy to share them with you here.

Lucky me! My launch event was a live interview by author David Henry Sterry. Click here to watch the recorded event.

You know what's more fun than doing an online interview? Doing an online interview while making a new friend. Click below to watch me click with the fun and brilliant Sara DiVello.

Talking with Robin Kall is always like chatting with an old friend! Click to watch our quick chat, which was my first time on Instagram Live. 

Libraries are near and dear to my heart, and I've spent my fair share in this one. So I was delighted when the Syosset Library invited me for a virtual visit. 

A chat about Dorothy Parker can lead anywhere! This time we circled around to writing and THE ROOFTOP PARTY. Always fun to chat with a fellow writer and Dorothy Parker fan.

I took a few minutes to record myself reading an excerpt from the book...

Tuesday, June 08, 2021



I've been a bad blogger. Sorry. Social media takes up so much of my mental bandwidth. But here I am to say my latest book was published on May 25, and it's probably getting the best reviews of anything I've written. Some examples... 

“Meister creates an engaging mystery in the unique setting of the home shopping world. It’s as fun to watch Dana piece together the clues as it is to see the behind-the-scenes details of her life as a TV host. Dana juggles a relationship, family drama, and a high-profile job, making her likable and easy to root for. Meister imbues her (and many other characters) with a quick wit and plenty of laughworthy lines. Perfect for readers who like their mysteries light on the murder but heavy on the humor.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“A wickedly entertaining rom-com/murder mystery from start to finish. It promises to be a contender for beach read of the year.”
- BookReporter

“A fast and fun read with an engaging heroine and supporting cast.”
- Library Journal

“Charming and ensemble-driven, Meister’s witty novel eliminates suspects while exploring the layers of Dana’s ambition as she decides what’s most important in her life. Fans of Janelle Brown’s Pretty Things, Julie Valerie’s Village of Primm series, and Sonja Yoerg’s Stories We Never Told will have a tough time leaving Meister’s latest behind.”
- Booklist

“This quickly became my favorite read of 2021… could not put it down.”
- Socrates’ Book Reviews